Fun and adventure at Tulsa Auto Spring.


I dropped the leaf spring off at Tulsa Auto Spring on August 15 with the hopes of having a new spring set fabricated for our trailer. After talking with a distracted and disinterested individual named Alan, I was able to ascertain that (1) they fabricate leaf springs, and (2) that there was no issue with fabricating a spring set from the sample I provided. Productive conversation was a futile exercise with this individual. Anyway, I was paying for a service and not dialogue, so I left our sample leaf spring.

After four weeks of silence, I inquired as to the status of my order. To my surprise, nothing had been done, and nothing was going to be done.

When I picked up our original spring, I repeatedly inquired as to why the springs could not be fabricated. Assuming that it was just beyond their technical capability, I was surprised to find out that they are having a material problem with their spring steel supplier and that their fabricated springs were breaking. For this warning I am most appreciative of Alan. I sure hope that they are able to determine what material batch is bad and can expeditiously notify their affected customers of this safety issue.

After this enlightening experience, I have renewed confidence in our 42 year old springs and will no longer consider replacing them.

1970 Silver Streak Sabre

That's all for today.